Ride FAQ

You should always check the Ride Schedule before proceeding to the Start Location


Ride Pace

Each ride listing will indicate the pace for the ride.  Pace is the average speed while riding and does not include time spent waiting at traffic lights or stop signs. A ride listed as a 12-14 mph pace will probably cover 8-10 miles per hour in city traffic. Rides outside of the city will generally cover more distance at the same pace.

Ride leaders will make every attempt to maintain the indicated pace.  Actual pace will be determined by road, traffic and weather conditions, and the group as a whole.


Ride Types

Chicago Cycling Club rides are listed under four basic ride categories: SOCIAL, TOURING, TRAINING, VIRTUAL and OTHER.


Ride Cancellation

Rides cancellations are at the discretion of Ride Leaders. Common reasons for cancellation are:

If conditions are questionable, check the Ride Schedule or contact the Ride Leader. It is your responsibility to check the status before proceeding to the Start Location.


For questions regarding individual rides, contact the Ride Leader as indicated on the Ride Schedule.

For general questions regarding the Ride Schedule, send an email to the Rides Committee at rides@ChicagoCyclingClub.org.

For general questions regarding the club, email us at info@ChicagoCyclingClub.org

For other information, call the Ride Line at 773-509-8093.